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According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the AliExpress platform Let's have a look.

#1 Colour Beautiful Butt Latex Seat Cushion

Price: 22.69 USD
Total sales: 87
Date: Jul-28-2021
Product description:Multifunctional Dual Comfort Memory Foam of Hip Lift Seat Cushion

#2New Hand-held Mechanical Tools/Led Uv Light Flashlight / Gel Curing Lamp
Price:  2.83 USD
Total sales: 369
Date: Jun-28-2021
Product description:New Hand-held Mechanical Tools/Led Uv Light Flashlight

#3  flower fairy flying wing family miniature artificial garden decoration crafts succulents decoration

Price: 2.59 - 2.99USD
Total sales: 281
Date: Jun-22-2021

#4 Korean Luxury Pink Rhinestone Bowknot Drop Earrings For Women

Price: 4.59 USD
Total sales: 217
Date: Jul-8-2021
Product description: Korean Luxury Pink Rhinestone For Women

#5 Toilet Butler with Roll Paper Holder

Price:  12.39 USD
Total sales: 71
Date: Jul-9-2021
Product description:Toilet Butler with Roll Paper Holder Resin Ornament for Bathroom

Product description: miniature artificial garden decoration/succulents decoration
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