Product Winners | 5 Best Selling Winning Products To Dropship In June - Trending Product In 2021

We have selected some winning products on Etsy. Let's have a look.
#1 70s Floral Pattern Print, Retro 70s Home Decor, 70s Wall Art, Flower Child Art

Price: 17 USD
Total sales: 3557
Date: May-3-2021
Product description: 70s Wall Art Flower Child Art Hippie Print, Vintage Poster Summer of Love

#2 Bookmark needle felted cat. Red cat Ginger cat Handmade unusual gift

Price: 62.36 USD
Total sales: 1284
Date: May-2-2021
Product description: Back to school Gift for him Gift for her Gift for teacher

#3 Anime Jujutsu Kaisen Figurine - Itadori Yuji, Gojo Satoru, Kugisaki Nobara

Price: 31.02 USD
Total sales: 279
Date: May-8-2021
Product description: Itadori Yuji Gojo Satoru Kugisaki Nobara Fushiguro Megumi

#4 Stained glass succulent Stained Glass Plant

Price: 45 USD
Total sales: 241
Date: May-5-2021
Product description: Stunning stained glass succulent for any shelf or table

#5 Positive Affirmation Macrame Rainbow Car Charm Boho Car Diffuser

Price: 14 USD
Total sales: 818
Date: Apr-19-2021
Product description: Boho Car Diffuser Customizable Macrame Rainbow Gift for Her Car Accessory

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