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Four core advantages

Multi-platform coverage

AliExpress, Shopify, Etsy, Shopee, multi-platform coverage for free combination

Timely and comprehensive data

Supported by a billion-level database, product and store information is updated every day

Customized deployment

According to the actual usage scenarios of the enterprise, customize the data framework and provide technical support throughout the process

Excellent service

Pre-sales consulting, tool guidance, technical tracking services throughout the project

Customized service requirements

Raise demand, business consulting

Evaluate and provide professional proposals after receiving user needs

Evaluate communication and confirm needs

Evaluate and discuss the final customization plan and quotation details

Technical support, development and testing

Technicians carry out rapid development of the project, high-quality test and acceptance

Start using, after-sales support

Guidance for the first time use, online Q&A support for after-sales

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