Product Research In 2021 | 5 Best Dropshipping Winning Products In July - June.29, 2021

According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the AliExpress platform from June 21 to June 27 (last week). Let's have a look.
#1 Shower Head Cleaning Brush Washing Anti-clogging Small Brush

Price: 2.14 USD
Total sales: 579
Date: Jun-1-2021
Product description: Anti-clogging Small Brush Pore Gap Cleaning Brush For Kitchen Toilet Phone Hole

#2 Woodworking Drill Locator Convenient Labor Saving Alloy Steel Woodworking Drilling

Price: 24.43 USD
Total sales: 1013
Date: May-31-2021
Product description: Steel Woodworking Drilling Template Guide Tool For Home

#3 Home Kitchen Self-adhesive Wall-mounted Under-Shelf Spice Organizer

Price: 8.44 - 15.88 USD
Total sales: 377
Date: Jun-7-2021
Product description: Under-Shelf Spice Bottle Storage Rack Kitchen Supplies Storage In Stock

#4 Non-slip Safety Suction Cup Handrails Toilet Bathroom Safe Grab Bar Handle

Price: 6.08 - 13.33 USD
Total sales: 376
Date: Jun-7-2021
Product description: Bar Handle Vacuum Suction Cup Handrail Helping Shower Handle

#5 Durable Silicone Flowerpot Mold Cement Pot DIY Succulent Making Mold

Price: 1.40 USD
Total sales: 168
Date: Jun-20-2021
Product description: DIY Succulent Making Mold Manual Clay Craft Cement Silicone Concrete Bottle Mould

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