Best Selling Products In August | 5 Hot Dropshipping Products To Sell In 2021 - July.22, 2021

According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the AliExpress platform from July 12 to July 18 (last week). Let's have a look.
#1 Cat Meditate Statue Collectible Figurines Miniature Decor Sphynx Desktop Decoration

Price: 4.44 - 6.41 USD
Total sales: 377
Date: Jun-30-2021
Product description: Miniature Decor Sphynx Desktop Decoration Animal Model Figure Home Decor

#2 Cute Animal Bite Earring Cartoon Soft Clay Animal Earrings Tyrannosaurus Bite Earrings

Price: 3.20 - 3.70 USD
Total sales: 541
Date: Jun-20-2021
Product description: Animal Earrings Tyrannosaurus Bite Earrings Dinosaur Earrings Party Fun Gifts

#3 Soft Bathroom Mat Home Shower Cotton Bath Rug Corridor Coral Fleece

Price: 4.49 - 6.50 USD
Total sales: 339
Date: Jun-4-2021
Product description: Coral Fleece Water absorption Carpet Anti-slip product Kitchen Floor Set

#4 Wireless Led Night Light Wall Ceiling Lamp Bedside Touch Bedroom Corridor Lamp

Price: 1.47 - 2.08 USD
Total sales: 67
Date: Jul-3-2021
Product description: Battery Powered Mini Emergency Lamp For Wardrobe Bedroom Corridor

#5 Paint Edging Tool Clean-Cut Edger Roller Painting Brush Door Wall Corner Clean-cut

Price: 1.44 - 17.82 USD
Total sales: 77
Date: Jul-5-2021
Product description: Door Wall Corner Clean-cut Paint Edger Roller for Wall Ceiling Brush

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