AliExpress Research | 5 Best Winning Products for Christmas - Dropshipping Trends | Sell It Now

According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the AliExpress platform. Let's have a look.

#1 Door Hanging Oranments

Price: 1.37 - 3.44 USD
Total sales: 1,194
Product description: Wooden Christmas Door Hanging Oranments/ Wall Xmas Dec/ Happy New Year Naviidad Door Pendants

#2 Sika Deer Light

Price: 2.88 - 11.57 USD
Total sales:  209
Date: Aug-25-2021
Product description: Sika Deer Light String Christmas Elk-shaped Oranments Tree/ Merry Christmas Decor For Home

#3 Creative Santa Claus Flight License

Price: 5.38 USD
Total sales: 495
Date: Jul-31-2021
Product description: Creative Santa Claus Flight License /Driving Licence /Christmas Gifts For Children Kids

#4 Christmas Socks

Price: 0.99 - 1.39   USD
Total sales: 568
Date:   Aug-30-2021
Product description:   Christmas Decoration For Home/Christmas Gifts

#5 Christmas Earrings

Price: 0.89 - 0.89 USD
Total sales: 393
Date: Aug-20-2021

Product description:  Christmas Decoration For Home/Christmas Gifts
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