Sell it Now | 5 Best Selling Winning Products To Dropship In November- Trending Shopify Research

According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the Etsy platform. Let's have a look.

#1 Christmas Tree Lights

Price: 4.05 - 7.83 USD
Total sales:  195
Date: Oct-22-2021
Product description:Crystal LED Christmas Tree Ornaments/Christmas Decorations and Figurines

#2 Christmas Wooden Light

Price: 36.99 - 245.99 USD
Total sales:  474
Date: Oct-12-2021
Product description:Vintage Style Christmas Decor/LED Light Wood Decoration

#3 Christmas Musical Lantern

Price: 38.69 USD
Total sales:  24
Date: Nov-5-2021
Product description:Christmas Musical Snow Globe Lantern Lighted Water Glittering with 6H Timer/Battery Operated&USB Powered for Decorations

#4 Christmas Spoon with Gingerbread Decor

Price: 18 USD
Total sales: 232
Date:   Oct-5-2021
Product description: Red Christmas Spoon with Gingerbread Decor/Aesthetic Christmas Kitchen Decor Red/Holiday Serving Spoon

#5 Turkish Mosaic Lamp

Price: 38.2 USD
Total sales: 150
Date:  Oct-28-2021
Product description:Authentic Vintage Table Top

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