Weekly Product Hot Rankings Analysis (Mar. 30 - Apr. 05) & Special Recommend

Today we have a look on the weekly product hot rankings (Mar. 30 - Apr.05) first and recommend you some remarkable products. Do you want to know star product with this week's sales growth? IXSPY for AliExpress tells you what and why!

1. Weekly Product Hot Rankings Analysis (Mar. 30 - Apr. 05)
Previously on the weekly product hot rankings (Mar. 30 - Apr.05), because of the outbreak of COVID-19, medical masks still has led the pack, fitness products, like smart watches, were on hot sale, and office supplies, like Sandisk USB flash drive, also sold very well. In this case, people may have to stay at home, so the heat of these products may last for a while.

Let's look at the weekly product hot rankings (Mar. 30 - Apr.05), these products match our prediction well!
Top 10 hot products: It includes 3 kinds of products, masks, fit devices and office supplies.
Top 1,000 hot products: It has 222 masks and 55 fitness products.

2. Special Recommendation
Do you know what are the hottest on growing ranking products? IXSPY for AliExpress knows the answer! After choosing time period (Mar. 23 - Mar. 29) on weekly product of hot rankings, you will find a fast-growing and trending product. We have some recommended products for you.

a. Soap Pump Dispensers with Sponge Holders

Recommended Reasons:
* This week sales has soared
* Healthy needs during epidemic situation
* Lower price compare to amazon

As can be seen, last week compare to this week,ranking rising!

b. Mesh Dog Fences

Sales curve has a growing trend from low to fast.

Recommended Reasons:
* Ranking grows very fast
* With growing demand, you may stay at home to company with your pets
* Lower price compare to amazon
* Reviews increase a lot

3: Children Outdoor Soft Air Water Filled Bubble Ball

Recommended Reasons:
* Safe toy for outdoor activities
* Have a steady growth in sales
* Lower price compare to amazon

d. Tree of Life Glass Cabochon Statement Necklaces

Sales curve has a rapid growth trend recently, and it has a high Wishlist trend.
Recommended Reasons:
* Necklace products will be a hot product as gifts for Mother Day
* It Inspires thoughts about life in this special period
* The well-designed necklaces are cool, trendy and popular

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