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According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the Etsy platform from June 28 to July 04 (last week). Let's have a look.

#1  Squid Game Mask

Price: 48.2 USD
Total sales: 1,194
Product description: Geometric Mask, Cosplay Costume, Halloween Mask, Punk Mask, Cosplay Mask Male, RockStar Mask, 3D Printed, Evil, Front Man, Squid Game Mask

#2 Squid Game Light Spinner Pin

Price: 13.31 - 26.63 USD
Total sales:  209
Date: Oct-1-2021
Product description: Squid Game (Light spinner pin & Gold Invite pin)

#3 Squid Game Soldier/Guard/Player/Giant Doll

Price: 12 USD
Total sales: 495
Product description:Squid Game Soldier/Guard/Player/Giant Doll Gifts For Children Kids

#4 067 T-shirt Squid Game Shirt

Price: 17.99 - 46.99   USD
Total sales: 68
Date:   Oct-1-2021
Product description:   067 T-shirt Squid Game Shirt, Korean Drama Shirt, Net Flix Movie , Halloween Tee

#5 Squid Game Keychain
Price: 5.97 -15.22 USD
Total sales: 393
Date: Spt-27-2021
Product description:  Video Game keychain,Biscuits Squid Fidget Toy for Video Game Party Favors Birthday Boy

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