• 1. Q: What are the differences among different Package plans? How do these plans charge? ?

     A: The difference is to provide personalized data support and different numbers of search results for different users. [eBay Seller] aims to provide products selection data to eBay sellers; [Aliexpress Supplier] On the basis of the "eBay Seller" version, it provides additional functions such as "Niche insight", "traffic reverse search" and so on; [Shopify Owner] aims to provide Shopify Owner users with massive Aliexpress data, Shopify data and advertising data support; [E-commerce Master] aims to provide E-commerce Master users with massive Shopify and Etsy data support; [Business] aims to provide Business users with the most comprehensive functions and massive amounts of data. For more details about the price and features please vistit https://ixspy.com/data#/upgrade and press Feature Comparison to check.     
  • 2. Q: How to upgrade and pay for the plans? ?

     A: Visit https://ixspy.com/data#/upgrade, click the Package Purchase button, select the user mode, payment method and purchase duration, and jump to the payment page. After the payment is successful, you will see the latest package level in the upper right corner of the page. If the package level has not changed, please log in again. If you have not updated your package level, please contact us. It should be noted that: 1. Each version can be superimposed for purchase; 2. After you purchase the personal version of any type of package, you will not be able to superimpose purchase any types of team version before the current package expires.     
  • 3. Q: How do I check my current package status? ?

     A: You can see your package status on the upper right corner of the page.     
  • 4. Q: How to calculate the start and expire date of each monthly fee? ?

     A: Each monthly fee is for 30 days (One month will be accounted for 30 days). If you use Alipay for payment, you need to buy the package again after package expires. If you use Paypla for payment, the plan renews itself automatically after the expire date. For example, if you have purchased a Aliexpress Supplier plan on Apr. 15, 2022, your Aliexpress Supplier plan will expire on Apr. 14, 2022 and it renews itself automatically on Apr. 15, 2022.     
  • 5. Q: Can I cancel the plan after purchasing a plan? Can I ask for refund after canceling a plan? ?

     A: If you do not want to continue the plan, please contact Paypal to cancel the plan payment. The subscription fee of the plan is charged by month/year, so the fee is not be refundable after purchase.     
  • 6. Q: How to find the payment receipt? ?

     A: After successful payment, you will receive an email about payment receipt. This email will serve as an official receipt for this payment. Please do not delete it.