New Store Hot Lists

Quick Summary
New Store Hot Rankings: They are based on daily, weekly & monthly statistics of top 1,000 NEW stores in each AliExpress category.
New Stores: The start date of the store is within 60 days.

The New Store Hot Rankings help you discover business opportunities and enable you to view your chosen stores’ latest and complete statistics, according to your customized options. At a glance you can see if the statistics of the store are increasing or falling, so as to determine if a store is as popular as it once was, and if it is still worth tracking.

How to Use?
Choose the time period (Day, Month or Month) and category, then type the keyword. After that, click on “search” button to find your results below. You can see the ranking of each store in the first column, together with other statistics about the store.
Limits: You can track up to 1,000 NEW stores in each category.

If you choose different filter conditions, the results will be reordered by your chosen conditions. How convenient and thoughtful!

Click on a store name or the small black icon next to the heart icon will pop up a detail page, where you can view in-depth statistics about the store.
If you want to monitor the store, please click on the heart icon. And then you will find the store in the list of “My Favorites”.

Who Can Use This?
Please refer to the Member Upgrade page.