Sell It Now|5 Best Winning Products In December-Dropshipping| Facebook Ad Trending Products Research

According to the data of the IXSPY, we have selected some winning products on the Etsy platform. Let's have a look.

#1 Navi Fairy Night Light

Price: 15.13 - 33.34 USD
Total sales:  3,119
Date: Jun-20-2021
Product description: Single Color LED Decoration Ornament/Desk Decor/Hanging Lamp

#2 Name Puzzle with Animals

Price: 72.5 USD
Total sales: 18,113
Date: Aug-20-2021
Product description: Woodland Nursery - Baby Boy Gift - 3rd Birthday Gift - Educational Toy Baby - Toddler Toys - Kids Activity Toys

#3Branch Pendant Light

  Pop Popping Fidget Toys Its Anti stress  Whirl Light Bracelet Kawaii Push Bubble Christmas Kids Gifts
Price:118.6 - 598.8 USD
Total sales: 990
Product description: Chandelier House Renovation Fixture Christmas Gift Light Living Kids Dining Room Office Kitchen Playroom

#4 Snuggle Me Elephant

Price:22.42 - 32.23 USD
Total sales: 3,078
Date:    Jul-2-2021
Product description: Elephant Baby Comforter/Christmas Gift/Elephant Pillow/Baby Gift

#5 Moon Resin Earrings

Price: 21.02 - 32.23 USD
Total sales: 21,904
Date: Nov-16-2021
Product description: Ladies Earrings/Gifts /Moon Jewellery
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